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Tropical Leaves

Replenishing Asia's largest mainland tropical forest, for profit and for communities.

ACRE is a Myanmar-based reforestation program, that scales up to 25,000 acres [10,000 ha] in 5 successive tranches, from 2022 to 2026. We are currently seeking additional funding partners for a 1st tranche of 150 acres.


Why Myanmar?

  • Myanmar, a Least Developed Country, is experiencing an economic collapse with the World Bank projecting 18% GDP contraction.

  • The food crop planting season was significantly under-funded due to post-coup disruptions, so a food crisis looms.

  • Even before the coup and economic collapse, Myanmar, which holds mainland Asia’s largest tropical forests, was recording the 3rd highest deforestation rate in the world – given food & economic issues, it is likely (and anecdotally reported) that this rate of deforestation is accelerating.​

ACRE Approach: Grow the natural forest under the protective canopy of the pioneers.

Soil Degrad

Soil Degradation and Solution

After logging, rains wash-out the top soil, leaving degraded soils directly exposed to sun light. Forest trees fail to find nutrients, or the shade protection  required to grow.


The solution is to first plant a selection of tree species that:

  • tolerate poor soils

  • fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil, acting as a natural fertiliser

  • grow fast and withstand harsh environment

  • are strong light demander

  • tolerate drought

Grow Damn it.jpeg
4 forest layers.jpg

Target species are planted in Year 4 after pioneer species had nourished the soil and start providing shade. Target species form following layers and provide restored natural forest:

  • Forest floor

  • Understory

  • Canopy

  • Emergent


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