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"We are restoring forests while generating a return for funding partners, and relieving the plight of global warming, communities, and biodiversity"

A blended finance project designed and managed by

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Asian Community
Reforestation Enterprise

ACRE is a reforestation program with triple bottom lines

ACRE IS... designed to plant 50,000,000 trees and restore 25,000 acres of natural forest

Not a monoculture plantation but designed to replenish natural forests in collaboration with partners (RECOFTC and The Nature Conservancy) and indigenous people, the program is grounded in sound ecological science.

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A nursery established by ACRE's founders, for the restoration of a 50 acres plot in Shan State, Myanmar

The largest forest on mainland Asia is rapidly degrading

Largest Forest

Reversing the trend of deforestation in Myanmar is a priority for the planet:

Myanmar used to be covered in thick tropical forests, but from the 1990s poor governance, civil war and corruption led to massive deforestation. Forest coverage shrunk from 70% to 43% of the land mass, representing a loss of 7,445,000 hectares (28,750 sq mi) which is now largely degraded soils.

Aware of the land made available by the ecological disaster, successive Myanmar governments have pushed the development of teak plantations: monoculture of teak trees in lines leading to more problems:

  • depleted soils;

  • plantations prone to pests and disease;

  • lower quality timber;

  • loss of biodiversity.

Myanmar forest change from 1950 to 2016

Forest coverage in Myanmar 1950 to 2016

Loss of tropical forest have an outsized impact on climate change

The IPCC report:

The 6th assessment report confirms the link between tropical forests and climate change.

Climate change threatens the world’s poorest people most. They are least protected from climate-related disasters by savings or insurance, least able to access modern health care when diseases spread, and least able to move to safer locations when storms rage.

Preventing dangerous climate change is critical for promoting global development. And saving tropical forests is essential to doing both

Impact Highlights

Target Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ACRE tranche 1

150 acres

ACRE full program

25,000 acres

Target Goals.jpg

Community jobs

(pioneer and target)


Distributed in Community


Community wages

US$264.7k via


US$232.4k via

Cooperative revenue via carbon credits*

Annual $16k

50,000 tons

Carbon sequestration

Community jobs

(pioneer and target)


Distributed in Community

$73.5 mn

Community wages

$22.4 mn via


$51.1 mn via

Cooperative revenue via carbon credits

Annual $680k

8.3 mn tons

Carbon sequestration
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