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Philippe Lenain


Philippe spent the last 30 years in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. He is the non-executive President of Rent 2 Own (R2O), the leader in consumer finance in Myanmar, a company he founded in 2015.

Back in 1991, he started the first insurance brokerage firm in Vietnam, before moving to Cambodia in 1994 to start up and develop Indochine Insurance. The insurer remained the largest in Cambodia until he returned to Vietnam in 2006. Philippe then became the CEO of the first licensed foreign finance company for Société Générale, a French bank. In 2009 he then created the first hire-purchase firm in Vietnam, before replicating the model with R2O in Myanmar.

A self-taught botanist, Philippe has been the driving force behind R2O’s ESG driven reforestation program that has planted over 130,000 trees. He now wants to dedicate full time to his passion.

Philippe Lenain
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